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Congratulations Class of 2020!

Candidate Jannie Cotton Class of 2020 Message
Candidate Jannie Cotton Class of 2020 Message

To the class of 2020, I hope this message finds each of you in excellent health and that you are prosperous in every aspect of your life.

Today, I want to take time to congratulate all of our 2020 graduates, whether it’s high school or college. I know that graduation and celebration are not the way you imagined it, but I hope you know that your hard work did not go unnoticed. I celebrate you with the utmost respect, gratitude, and appreciation for all you have done to enhance your life.

The road has not been easy, and the pandemic made it more difficult, but you have shown so much tenacity and strength throughout this last phase of your graduation requirements. I am so excited and can not wait to see where your journey leads you. I hope that you will utilize your education, skills, gifts, and talents to serve your community. You are a group of brilliant young people who have shown that you can persevere through hardships. We need You!

Education is so important and more so now. I’m a living example of a person who beat many odds, challenges, and defeats. They did not stop me! I was determined to improve my circumstances, and each time I made a wrong decision or fell, I shook it off and got back up. I encourage you to do the same. Life presents many adversities, but you are not on this journey by yourself! No matter what you choose to do in life, be the best you!

A shout out to the parents, family members, and friends who helped all graduates achieve their goals! It definitely takes a Village.

I will be cheering you on every step of the way! Stay encouraged, and don’t ever give up! Your community needs You! Again, congratulations! ~Jannie

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